cream-deluxe-canister Introducing the Infuso cocktail infuser and carbonator. Create instant flavour infuse cocktails using our nitrous oxide cylinders. And use our carbon dioxide cylinders to add fizz.
Make your own signature infuse cocktails and mocktails with fresh or dried aromatic herbs, fruits, berries and spices. Infuse any alcohol with your own choice of berries and herbs and then carbonate to make infused sparkling cocktails!

Drinks ideas
Use rum, pineapple and coconut to create pina colada
Use vodka and ground coffee to make espresso martini.
Use vodka and vanilla bean pots to make vanilla vodka.

What is Nitro Cavitation?
Cavitation is the rapid formation and then collapse of vapour bubbles within a liquid. With Nitro cavitation you can use cavitation to instantly extract flavour from herbs and spices without having to muddle the ingredients. Even after careful straining bits of vegetable matter are left floating in a drink after muddling.
So for example you can make an instant mint mojito infusion using nitro cavitation. To do this fill the Infuso flask with vodka, add some pieces of fresh mint and pressurise with nitrous oxide gas. Under pressure from the nitrous oxide gas vodka will be force into the cells of the mint. Then when the bottle is depressurised cavitation will occur – flavour compounds will be sucked out of the mint via tiny cavitation bubbles which collapse into the vodka and create your mojito. Then carbonate to make a fizzy mojito!

Any type of drink can be carbonates using the Infuso. Now, you can carbonate wine, cocktails, fruit & green teas, unstraines citrus juices, raspberry & strawberry juices and even tomato juice.
Carbonation can actually increase the sensory enjoyment of drinks as the bubbles help to waft aromas to the nose, adding an extra dimension to your drinks and cocktails. The carbon dioxide also brings a mild acidity that lends a refreshing quality.
To carbonate, simply add your liquid(s), screw on lid, charge with standard 8g CO2 cartridges, shake, rest, release pressure and pour.

Nitrogen Infuses Cocktails:
The Infuso can be use to create incredible instant infusions. Use with our N2O cream chargers cylinder to make instant vanilla vodka or sloe gin!
The nitrogen pressurises the flask and forces liquid into aromatics. When the flask is depressurises the liquid is pulled back out of the aromatic, dragging the flavour with it! Try spices, herbs, vanilla or citrus peel in a spirit or wine to create an instant infusion! Some suggestions include herb infuse red wine, dill infuse vodka, cinnamon infuse brandy, raspberry & basil infuse vodka and coffee infused whisky.
To infuse, add your spirit and flavouring ingredient, screw on lid, charge with N2O or N2 cartridges, shake, rest, release pressure and strain.


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