Factory Export Wholesale Fast gas 640G Coconut Flavour Nitrous Oxide N2O Cylinder – Free Balloons Nozzle
Export Wholesale Best Fastgas 640G Coconut Flavour Nitrous Oxide N2O Cylinder.
Using 99.99% purity E942 food grade nitrous oxide and edible Coconut molecules mixed production, after professionals carefully adjust the ratio, easy to produce Coconut Flavour cream! exotic whip price
Best wholesaler Fastgas 640G Coconut Flavour
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Model: 615g
Brand: Fastgas
Material: Carbon steel
Gas: Food grade nitrous oxide (99.99%)
Use: Cream foaming, making milkshake, and other cream products
Certification: CE/ISO
Features: Recyclable (note: dispose of empty bottles only!)
Origin: Germany
MOQ:3500 PCS
Use your Whipped Cream Dispenser to eject your heavy whipping cream in the form of perfectly fluffy whipped cream with help of our extra large cream charge exotic whip price
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Exotic whip 640g coconut flavour near me
Exotic whip 640g coconut flavour near me

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